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Curriculum Enrichment Organiser

£500.00 GBP

Full site licence for Curriculum Enrichment Organiser including:
all program code
- email/telephone support and program updates for 1 year

The application is used to manage all aspects of a school curriculum enrichment programme for an annual enrichment week and/or individual enrichment days including:
a)  organisation of activities and risk assessments
b)  production of activity booklets
c)  allocation of students and staff to activities based on choices made
d)  timetabling of rooms to activities
e)  medical and contact information
f)  management of bookings and transport for external trips
g)  organisation of staff cover in case of absence
h)  finance including student payments and activity costs
i)  calendar events and task list
j)  mail merge letters and group email
k)  staff and student timetable viewer
l)  student attendance

Schools using School Data Analyser can use this to import student and staff data.

Otherwise, an annual SIMS export licence is required to update staff & student data from SIMS. This costs an additional £250 per year.