Purchase Software

School Data Analyser

£3,000.00 GBP

Full site license for School Data Analyser including all program code and 1 year's email / telephone support.

Additional support may be purchased after the first year (if required).

The program is designed to manage and analyse a wide variety of student, staff and whole school data.

Standard program features include:

-  Reports (Interim and End of Year)
-  Grades analysis e.g. grade grids, traffic light reports
-  Pastoral, behaviour, detentions and attendance analysis
-  Mentoring, SEN, Gifted &Talented
-  Student & staff information
-  Parents evening appointments
-  Exam results analysis
-  Timetable print options & analysis
-  Student references, medical and contact information
-  Student photos, address & name labels
-  Mail merge letters

Optional features are also available at an additional cost. These include:
-  Attendance registers (session & lesson)
-  Room bookings
-  Equipment bookings

If you do not require all features of this program, you can just purchase the items you do need. To obtain a quotation, please send us an email listing the features you do require.