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All code samples are free to download and free to use in your own applications providing any copyright notices are included without any changes made.

All code will work in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access unless stated otherwise.

We do not give the same support to these code samples as for our commercial programs. However, please contact us if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

Detailed System Info

Updated 26/08/2018

This uses Windows Management Instrumenation (WMI) to obtain detailed information about your computer system / processor / BIOS / each hard drive or logical disk.

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Remove core Windows 'modern' apps

Updated 16/06/2018

Certain core Windows modern apps CANNOT be removed using Add/Remove programs.
However if you have a problem, these cannot be installed from the Windows Store as they are already installed! CATCH-22!!!

This article explains how to remove these core Windows modern apps using Powershell.

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Rank Order in Queries

Updated 09/06/2018

This shows one way of creating rank orders in Access queries using the Serialize function

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List Access Error Codes

Updated 03/06/2018

This is a procedure to create a complete list of Access error codes and descriptions

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Add colour to queries, combos & listboxes

Updated 14/02/2018

This article explains how colour formatting can be used for formatting text, number and date fields in queries and tables.

A similar approach can be used for text boxes, combo boxes and list boxes in forms

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Database Statistics

Updated 10/11/2017

This includes a procedureGetDatabaseStatistics which examines all tables, forms, reports, macros and modules in a project and produces statistics about the number of fields, controls, VBA functions, lines of code etc.

The results are saved to the VBE immediate window and to a message box

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TIP:  Fill down in tables, queries & forms

Updated 15/01/2018

This explains a simple method of copying field values from one record to the next

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Remove deleted objects from MSysObjects

Updated 15/05/2017

The read only system table MSysObjects keeps a record of all items in a database so these can be used by forms/reports/module code etc. Normally the MSysObjects table works perfectly but things can go wrong leaving incorrect data in the table e.g. if the database crashes for any reason. This article discusses 3 types of problem that can occur & a solution for each

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View All Database Objects

Updated 26/10/2020

This item allows you to view all objects in a database.

The list of database objects is obtained from the hidden system table MSysObjects.

It is updated automatically as objects are added to or removed from the database.

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