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The applications on this page are free to download and free to use.
Almost all items are supplied with full program code and will work in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access unless stated otherwise.

We do not give the same support to these programs as for our commercial programs.
However, please contact us if you have questions or suggestions for improvements.

Get Current Geolocation

Version 2.9    Updated 22/04/2019

This utility is used to determine your current geolocation in Access
It displays latitude, longitude and the address of your current location together with a map

Location services MUST be enabled in Windows settings.
A free Google Maps API key is required

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Controlling the Application Interface

Version 3.47      Updated 31/10/2020

This example shows how the Access application interface can be controlled in various ways including hiding the navigation pane, ribbon, taskbar and the entire application window.

Some of these methods can be used to help make a database more secure.

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Currency Exchange Rate Tracker

Version 1.43      Updated 11/06/2018

This gets the latest exchange rates in JSON format from an online data source.

Exchange rates are updated daily for a selection of common currencies.
Changes in exchange rates can also be tracked over time and plotted as a chart.

NOTE: The free version of this app is supplied as an ACCDE file so code is not available.
However, full program code can be purchased for a small fee

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Set a group of controls as visible/hidden, enabled/disabled or locked/unlocked

Version 2.0      Updated 27/04/2017

This application demonstrates how to set various states of a group of controls at the same time using the Tag property.

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Obtain Extended File Properties using VBA

Version 1.0      Updated 03/07/2017

This utility provides an easy way of obtaining and storing all the extended properties for an individual file or all files of a specified type in a selected folder.

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An Attention Seeking Database

Version 6.2      Updated 06/11/2019

This app demonstrates various ways of getting users' attention.
As well as more familiar methods such as message boxes, features include:
- Flashing, scrolling and balloon tooltip text
- Dim / blur / remove background
- Use of warning sounds, text to speech, animation, fade & user messages

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Measuring Reaction Times

Version 2.1      Updated 13/01/2019

I was working on a project involving random events and calculating time intervals to millisecond accuracy. So I decided to use both ideas in a simple application for measuring reaction times and thought it might be fun for others to play with

The idea is to respond to an event that occurs after a random delay & in a random position on the screen.

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System Tray Alerts

Version 1.5      Updated 24/05/2018

This application demonstrates how you can use Access to create popup messages in the system tray notifications area.

This is ideal if you want to alert users to issues such as:
- Product support or licence about to expire
- A new version available on the application website

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Folder Image Viewer

Version 3.1      Updated 18/10/2019

This example app shows how to show thumbnails of all images in a selected folder / subfolders

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Get Geolocation From Photos

Version 1.1    Updated 21/10/2019

This is a companion to the Get Current Geolocation utility

It displays the latitude, longitude, altitude and the date/time taken for JPEG images from mobile phones and digital cameras. A map is displayed showing the location where the photo was taken

Location services MUST be enabled in your camera/phone
A free Google Maps API key is required

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Live Currency Exchange Ticker

Version 1.1      Updated 18/10/2018

This is an alternative approach to viewing the latest currency exchange data in Access.
A web browser control is used to view LIVE data in a specified web page.

The example web page used includes two HTML snippet scripts available freely online:
-  scrolling ticker tape format
-  simple currency exchange table

The approach can be adapted to use any live data from the internet e.g. sports scores, share prices, weather forecasts etc

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