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I am Colin Riddington, the owner of Mendip Data Systems, which is based in the UK. I am active on many online forums with the user name isladogs.

This website, Isladogs on Access, will mainly be used for various free example apps, code samples and extended articles together with news and events for Microsoft Access. I also have a linked Isladogs On Access channel on You Tube.

My Mendip Data Systems website and its associated You Tube channel will in future be used for my commercial apps.

Why Isladogs? (pronounced Eye-la-dogs)
is my now elderly labrador dog shown in the photo. When we got her over 11 years ago, Isla was a fairly unusual name in the UK. Several people thought her name derived from the Isle of Dogs, which is an area of London next to the Thames. The name Isladogs stuck and became my online username.

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