If you have already purchased JSON Analyse & Transform for Access, you can download program updates as these become available

NOTE: You will need to enter the license key supplied on purchasing the program in order to install the software.

The items on this page will update JSON Analyse & Transform for Access to the latest versions.
You should check your existing version before downloading the latest update.

Please read the update instructions for full details on updating your existing version

Update to version 4.47 (from any earlier version)

Further Information & Update Instructions

JATFA v4.47 Update - 28 Sept 2022       (approx 7.9 MB zipped)

Update to version 4.20 (from any pre-release version)

Further Information & Update Instructions

JATFA v4.20 Update - 7 Dec 2017       (approx 7.6 MB zipped)

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