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This was previously posted at Access World Forums in August 2017

The attached database contains details of all VBA errors included in Access 2010
It was originally supplied by Microsoft at: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/142138

Unfortunately that page is no longer being updated.

I originally compiled this list of Access VBA error codes whilst creating an error logging system for one of my own applications.

It is also very useful as a reference source for troubleshooting other databases e.g. when responding to posts at various online Access forums

Enter or select the error number in the form combo box. For example:


Click the Search the Internet button to do an online search for related information


A report is also available but its about 90 pages long so think before you print it! The report is also available as a PDF (supplied)


You can also raise random errors and display the error information in a message box. For example:


1.   The list does NOT include various JET errors which can also arise occasionally
      JET errors include numbers such as -2147467259, -2147221233, -2147352567
      Several of these are duplicates of VBA error messages

      Click to download:     Access Error Codes     (zipped)

2.  Each new version of Access adds a few new error numbers.
     To ensure you always have the latest data, you can also create your own error list in VBA.

     For all required code, see:  List Access Error Codes

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