Last Updated 28 June 2022

Now for some very welcome news!
Following the recent changes to the Access Roadmap, a new monthly blog series has been started giving details of issues fixed by the Access team in the past month or so.

For further details, see the blog article published by Michael Aldridge on 27 June 2022: Access Issues Fixed in the May 2022 Monthly Release

Whilst it is very welcome that Microsoft are now going to publicise the work that they are doing to (hopefully) improve Access, it is disappointing that the first edition of this blog has some important mistakes.

The article refers to 13 fixes done for the May 2022 monthly release (version 2205) which is currently build 16.0.15225.20288

However, the article also refers to needing build 16.0.15330.20000 (or later) to have these fixes. That build has not yet been released.
It will apparently be the build for the June 2022 release (version 2206). Many of the changes listed will it seems be in that version.

Nevertheless, this is a very positive step towards better communication with Access developers
However, the Microsoft Tech Community site used for the blog is probably only used by a small minority of developers.

In my opinion, it would be even better if this information were included in the Whats New section in Access Help and the What's new in Access for Microsoft 365 link reached by clicking Office Updates....View Updates

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 28 June 2022

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