Last Updated 23 June 2022

There is an excellent Access blog by Mark Gillis at Three Microsoft Access infographics.

Mark has created three PowerPoint presentations which clearly demonstrate the power of Access both as a standalone app
and in conjunction with other Office programs.

These could be extremely useful if you ever need to explain the value of Access to your boss, IT department, potential clients etc.

I particularly liked this comment:

Access is like a regional airport for data that travels from many places, makes changes and connections, and then travels to other places

1.   A visual tour of the main ideas behind Access.

      Click to download:     Microsoft Access Concepts    (zipped)

2.   Five common business solutions that exemplify how Access helps ensure your business can not only survive, but also thrive.

      Click to download:     Common Access Solutions    (zipped)

3.   Import, link, move, and export data, leverage other Office 365 apps, and combine apps and data in useful and creative ways.

      Click to download:     Ways Access integrates with Office 365    (zipped)

I hope you find these presentations both informative and useful

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 23 June 2022

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