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AEU Meeting Date 7 Dec 2022                     Last Updated 13 Dec 2022

Colin Riddington demonstrated ways of annotating downloaded static Google Maps to personalise these for your clients.

Topics covered included the use of:
a) marker points e.g. to mark client locations or nearby places
b) lines joining 2 or more points e.g. to indicate routes between locations
c) circles around a location e.g. to show places of a specified type within a specified distance from a set location
d) boundary shapes e.g. to show postcode or regional boundaries
e) feature styles e.g. to mark major & minor roads and points of interest

Annotations are added as additional map layers using code as part of the URL used to generate the map.

The session also explained how to overcome issues caused by the 2083-character URL limit using the current web browser control based on Internet Explorer (whilst we continue to wait for the new Chromium Edge browser control).

There is a 3-part series of articles elsewhere on this website which are designed to accompany the session:
      Annotate Google Maps in Access (Parts 1 - 3)


Click to download the following items related to this presentation:

      PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation       PDF file - Approx 1.6 MB

      Example application with all code       ACCDB file - Approx 3.7 MB (zipped)


The meeting was recorded and the video is available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:


Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 13 Dec 2022

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