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AEU Meeting Date 5 Apr 2023                     Last Updated 12 Apr 2023

This month’s session was led by Duane Hookom (MVP 2001-2016). Duane's presentation demonstrated techniques for data reporting in calendar formats with an additional example by Jeff Conrad.
The same, simple method could be used to print seating charts and other spatial data.

Items covered included:
     - Quick demo of reports
     - Requirements
     - Data structure
     - "Tricks" used to achieve
     - Code review
     - Limitations and opportunities

Duane has a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies but discovered database programming in the early 80s beginning with Basic and dBase.
He computerized much of the parks and recreation office in the early 80s developing DOS apps.

Duane began working with Access (version 1.1) almost 30 years ago and gave up his life of programming athletics to programming computers.

He started working for Nestle in 2001 (the same year he was first awarded MVP) and retired in 2021 to a life of parks, recreation, and leisure practical application.
One of his greatest joys has been sharing food, drink, and conversation with fellow MVPs in their home area including several cities in the United States, Paris, Vienna, Bamberg, Toronto, London, and Copenhagen.

Website:            Hook'D on Access


Click to download a PDF of the presentation used in this session together with the example ACCDB database used:

      Calendar Reports DKH       Zip file - approx 1.5 MB


The meeting was recorded and the video is now available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:


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