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AEU Meeting Date 3 May 2023                     Last Updated 6 May 2023

This month’s session was led by Peter Bryant who is the owner of Corylus Business Systems

Peter demonstrated code (and some data) to enable you to fire and forget application upgrades to different networks.
Just build and send the customer the ACCDE that works on your development network and have it automatically reconnect to their server and database on first run.
It works with more than one target SQL Database in the system. The user then just saves that new ACCDE to distribute to users.
The solution has been proved with many clients and the code will be available afterwards.
Also included will be full instructions and all the SQL Scripts you need to create a test environment to prove the code before trying to put it into your own projects.

Peter has run his own consultancy (Corylus Business Systems) since 2004 and specialises in not specialising for many different sectors.

A user of Microsoft Access since the beta program three decades ago his projects are as much (if not more) about data analysis, function and business problem solving rather than amazing code. Projects are generally lengthy prototyping/agile style projects where the client often starts out quite unsure of their expected final requirements.

Peter has been a regular speaker at the UK Access Group for over a decade. He also has a source code licence for Andy Couch’s excellent MUST software and performs Access backend migrations to SQL Server As A Service.


Click to download:
a)       DSN-Less Connection to SQL Server       Presentation used in this session - PDF file - approx 0.4 MB
b)       Implementation Notes       PDF file - approx 0.1 MB
c)       Demo Access Database       Zip file - approx 0.15 MB
d)       SQL Server Backups to use       Zip file - approx 1.5 MB

Alternatively, you can download all these items as a single zip file:

e)       AEU15-PeterBryant       Zip file - approx 2.1 MB

Additional information is also available in the Conference section of Peter's website: May 2023: Europe - Access User Group


The meeting was recorded and the video is now available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:


Help for Heroes

If you find this session / code useful, please consider giving a donation to the Help for Heroes charity supported by Peter:

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