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AEU Meeting Date 7 Jun 2023                     Last Updated 14 Jun 2023


A team of five experienced Access developers led by Tom van Stiphout (MVP) have been working for well over a year in creating two completely new versions of the Northwind (Starter & Developer) template database.
Various members of the team are leading a series of presentations to showcase different aspects of the template databases.
This is the fourth in this series of videos with at least two more sessions to follow- see below for links to all the Northwind 2.0 presentations to date.

Session Outline:

In this session, Tom Van Stiphout and Kim Young presented an in-depth treatment of several important features in the new Northwind Developers template database.
a)   Introduction to the approach used in creating the two new versions of Northwind
b)   Quick recap of the POs, products, and orders we have in the sample db. In depth discussion of the Inventory.
      Reallocate. Order detail status changes. What changes could you make to the NW2 inventory? Split off an order.
c)   Employee form. Custom dialog. String functions. OpenArgs.

In addition, another member of the Northwind 2.0 development team, George Hepworth, demonstrated how parts of the app could be used on a mobile phone with PowerApps & Dataverse


Tom van Stiphout, Kinetik IT, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Tom van Stiphout
Tom is the Software Development Manager of Kinetik IT which is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
Kinetik IT is a full service information technology and internet services provider.
Tom has a degree from Amsterdam University and moved to the US in 1991.
In addition to project management, Tom enjoys creating high performing Access applications, sometimes augmented by .NET components.
He has been an Access MVP since 2008 and is a moderator on the MS Answers forum.

Kim Young, Access Allstars, Chicago, IL, USA

Kim Young
Kim is an independent developer and the founder of Access Allstars in the Chicago area.
Kim was the vice president of the Chicago Access User Group (CAUG) and started the SQL Server Chicago Suburban chapter of PASS.
She is a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and is also certified in Inventory and Production control.
Kim has been a literacy volunteer, teaching adults to read, she is a voracious reader and collects dictionaries.


There was no PDF file from this session

The two Northwind 2.0 templates are available to download from the File menu (Backstage view) in Access

Alternatively, the template files are available from an official Microsoft download page: Featured Access templates


The meeting was recorded and the video is now available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:


Previous Northwind 2.0 Videos:

Three earlier Northwind 2.0 presentations have been done by the same team

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3.   Access Lunchtime AUG: 30 May 2023 : Northwind 2.0 Developer Edition – Core forms and workflow (not yet on YouTube)


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