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AEU Meeting Date: 7 Feb 2024 starting at 18:00 UK Time (UTC)                            Page Last Updated 9 Feb 2024

Meeting Details:

This Access Europe meeting will be on Wednesday 7 Feb 2024 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC) and finishing at about 19:15 (7.15PM)

The start time is equivalent to 19:00 (7PM) in Central Europe and 10AM in Seattle / PST

Please note that the UK is currently on Winter Time (UTC). For local times, please check World Time Buddy

We use Zoom as our meeting application. Please click this link to Get Zoom if you don’t already have it.

When the time comes for the meeting, please use the following link: Join Zoom Meeting
If you are asked, use: Meeting ID: 924 3129 5683 ; Passcode: 661210

For more connection options, please see the web page for this event

All sessions are recorded and later uploaded to the Access User Groups channel on YouTube

If you do not wish to be part of the recording, please ensure your webcam and microphone are both switched off during the meeting.

Topic outline:

In this session, Carlos will present a detailed demonstration covering ten advanced features of his highly regarded VBE add-in, MZ-Tools, that can make you more productive and create better code in VBA. There are features to code faster, to find code faster, to review the quality of the code and much more.

There are over 60 features in the MZ-Tools add-in including well known items such as automated error handling and line numbering.
It is likely that the session will mainly focus on these MZ-Tools features:

1.   Portable edition
2.   Customizing MZ-Tools buttons on built-in toolbars and new toolbars
3.   Keyword expansion for code templates
4.   Development Environment Settings Review
5.   Generate custom HTML documentation from XML documentation with XSLT
6.   Find / Replace with regular expressions
7.   Custom code element sorting
8.   Nomenclature Rules Review
9.   Programming Rules Review
10.   Automating MZ-Tools features with VBScript / PowerShell

MZ Tools Menu

Carlos also gave a brief overview of all MZ-Tools features in his recent presentation to the SQL Server with Access user group on 12 Dec 2023. The session was recorded and the video is now available as Automating Access Programming – Leveraging MZ Tools on the YouTube channel.


Carlos Quintero is a former 14x Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from 2004-2018, in VB.NET, Visual Studio and .NET Development categories. He is the creator of the family of MZ-Tools add-ins for VBA, VB6 and Visual Studio which have been supporting many developers since the year 2000.

Carlos Quintero


Click to view a PDF of the presentation used in this session: MZ-Tools_8_Advanced.pdf


The meeting was recorded and the video is now available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:


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