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AEU Meeting Date 6 Mar 2024 starting at 18:00 UK Time (UTC)                            Page Last Updated 8 Mar 2024

Meeting Details:

This Access Europe meeting was on Wednesday 6 Mar 2024 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC) and finishing at about 19:30 (7.30PM)

The start time is equivalent to 19:00 (7PM) in Central Europe and 10AM in Seattle / PST

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Topic outline:

By popular request, this presentation is a continuation of Thomas Moeller's highly regarded Access Europe presentation from February 2023.
Thomas will demonstrate what has changed in Better Access Charts since that time.

Specifically, it concerns the following topics:

Divide and conquer
-   Divide a monster class into 20 simple classes

Pictures of you
-   Take a picture from a chart and put it on a report

You are fired
-   How to get rid of the HTML file

Living on the edge
-   Challenges with the new Edge browser control

New kids on the block
-   Adjustments to run Chart.js v3 & v4

To prepare for this upcoming presentation, it may be a good idea to make yourself familiar with Better Access Charts
It would also help to watch the earlier presentation from February 2023: State-of-the-art charts in Access using charts.js


Thomas is a dedicated professional in the financial sector, where he serves as a proficient project manager.
In his current role, he holds a pivotal responsibility: orchestrating the seamless migration of the core system for factoring customers to the forthcoming major release.

Access has long been his passion. Thomas was an Access MVP for 10 years, organized the Access regulars’ table in Stuttgart for many years and has presented a large number of Access lectures, at the German AEK conference and elsewhere.

Although Thomas officially took his leave from the Access stage at the close of 2017, his ardour for the platform has reignited.
He has returned with a slew of exciting projects that he's been diligently working on during his leisure hours.

Thomas Moeller


Click to view a PDF of the presentation used in this session:    BetterAccessCharts_TNG.pdf

Click to download a zip file containing all versions of the demo database used in this session:     Better Access Charts DEMO     Approx 2 MB     (zipped)


The meeting was recorded and the video is now available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:


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