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AEU Meeting Date 3 July 2024 starting at 18:00 UK Time (UTC+1)                     Page Last Updated 30 Apr 2024

Meeting Details:

This Access Europe meeting will be on Wednesday 3 July 2024 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC+1) and finishing at about 19:30 (7.30PM)

The start time is equivalent to 19:00 (7PM) in Central Europe and 10AM in Seattle / PST

Please note that the UK will be on Summer Time (UTC+1). For local times, please check World Time Buddy

We use Zoom as our meeting application. Please click this link to Get Zoom if you don’t already have it.

When the time comes for the meeting, please use the following link: Join Zoom Meeting
If you are asked, use: Meeting ID: 924 3129 5683 ; Passcode: 661210

For more connection options, please see the web page for this event

All sessions are recorded and later uploaded to the Access User Groups channel on YouTube

If you do not wish to be part of the recording, please ensure your webcam and microphone are both switched off during the meeting.

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Session outline:

In this session, we will have two presenters from Germany - Olaf Nöhring and André Minhorst.

1.   Getting Attention With Style - An Improved, Enhanced Message Box (Olaf Nöhring)

The standard VBA message box enables us to provide information for users and act upon user responses to questions.
The message box is very simple and has never been updated.

Various improvements have been made by individual developers over the last 30 years.
The Enhanced Message Box was originally developed by Renaud Bompuis about 15 years ago.
It is (almost) a drop-in replacement for the standard message box but offers some advanced features like displaying Access rich text format - color, bold, italic, fonts.

But there is even more in Olaf Nöhring’s improved version: A simple wizard lets you create the box you want, including VBA code, different colored buttons, custom default button, auto close and enable-delay.

Enhanced Message Box
Best of all: It's completely free. Can't wait? Download it here: Improved, Enhanced Message Box


Olaf Nöhring started using Access in 1999. Now, more than 20 years later, he is still convinced it's a powerful tool that is often significantly underestimated.
Olaf specializes in offline and online database development and individual software for medium sized companies.
Whilst he prefers using Access for offline development, he uses PHP for online.

Since 1998 he has been self-employed. After finishing studies in 2004, he taught for almost 15 years before leaving teaching in December 2021.
He holds a Masters degree in economics (Dipl.-Hdl.), a M.A. Education and Media: eEducation and a M.Sc. Psychology.


2.   Enhancing Access forms with Outlook-style Calendar and Windows Explorer (André Minhorst)

André will introduce two exciting enhancements for Access applications, designed to streamline and enhance user experience.

Firstly, amvCalendar , offers a comprehensive solution for managing appointments within Access applications.

The appointment data is directly stored in tables and can be used or edited all over the database. Consisting of a collection of Access objects that can easily be integrated into any database application, amvCalendar provides a user-friendly interface reminiscent of Outlook's calendar functionality.

This becomes particularly crucial in uncertain times regarding the longevity of VBA support in Microsoft Outlook, making it imperative to have reliable alternatives readily available.

Secondly, amvExplorer addresses the common challenge of managing data associated with external documents within databases. Many databases contain information linked to documents stored in the file system, and amvExplorer provides a seamless solution for this scenario.

By seamlessly integrating with a specific folder related to a recordset (such as customer, project, or product data), amvExplorer allows users to effortlessly view, add, rename, and remove files. While similar functionalities were achievable through the classic web browser control, amvExplorer introduces a host of compelling features. Notably, it enables the tracking of user operations, empowering developers to respond dynamically to file management actions like addition, renaming, and removal through user-defined events. Furthermore, it offers enhanced usability by restricting users from selecting alternate folders within the form, ensuring a focused and intuitive experience.

Through these innovations, André's company continues to pioneer advancements in Access application development, offering practical solutions to common challenges and elevating the capabilities of Access developers worldwide.


André Minhorst
André has been writing about Microsoft Access since 1998. His journey with Access began during his mechanical engineering studies, and since then, he has become a prolific author, sharing over 15,000 pages of Access and VBA expertise in numerous books and magazines. Through his own small publishing house, he has brought valuable insights and knowledge to the Access community.

In addition to his writing, André develops tools tailored for Access developers. Among his most popular offerings is the Ribbon-Admin 2016, a tool designed for crafting ribbon definitions for Microsoft Access applications.

Despite Microsoft's limited focus on enhancing the functionalities of Access, André believes that there remains ample opportunity for developers to augment the platform with their own innovative solutions. Through his work and dedication, André continues to empower Access developers to unlock the full potential of the platform.



The video of this session will be edited and uploaded to YouTube a few days after the meeting.
This article will be updated with a link to the video when that happens

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