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AEU Meeting Date 7 Sept 2022                     Last Updated 9 Sept 2022

The session was presented by me, Colin Riddington of Mendip Data Systems.

All Access developers need a good understanding of how to make their code and queries run as efficiently as possible.
The focus of this session was on ways of optimising the query execution plans created by Access when queries are run.
The content was based on that covered in my web article:Optimise Queries

As my starting point, I used an article on  Allen Browne's website devoted to various methods of improving query performance: Common query hurdles

During the session, I performed a series of speed comparison tests showing the effect of each suggested change on the query execution.

I also discussed two little known features built into Access that can help explain how Access runs queries:
a)   JET ShowPlan – used to view the query execution plans. See my article: JET ShowPlan Manager
b)   ISAMStats – used to determine the number of Disk Reads / Writes / Locks when queries are run

The final part of the session involved a quiz on query optimisation!

The example app used is available for download together with the JET ShowPlan Manager add-in which simplifies the use of this feature


Click to download a zip file containing:  
a) The example database used for speed tests (ACCDB file)
b) PowerPoint presentation in PDF format
c) JET Show Plan add-in (ACCDA) together with two accompanying PDF files

Click to download:   Optimising Queries & the JET ShowPlan files


The meeting was recorded and the video is available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 9 Sept 2022

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