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AEU Meeting Date 2 Nov 2022                     Last Updated 10 Nov 2022

The session was presented by George Hepworth AKA Grover Park George. George was an Access MVP from 2007-2019 and is still very active in the Access community.

Microsoft Access on the desktop and MS Power Apps in the browser can make a powerful team.

Access connects to a wide range of data sources, from ACCDB files to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and other server based databases, now including Dataverse. PowerApps can connect to all of those sources, and more.

Putting a rich VBA-enabled Access front-end on the desktop and a fast, flexible Power Apps interface in the browser enables developers to provide tools covering both in-house and remote work.

In this presentation, George provided an overview of the hybrid model for an application involving:
a) a "cloud" data source
b) a desktop interface in Access
c) a browser/smart device interface in Access

The nature of this topic meant it provided quite a technical challenge involving the simultaneous use of PowerApps on both desktop PC and a mobile phone during a live session

George also discussed some of the issues you might confront when implementing a PowerApps application, and possible approaches to resolving them.


Click to download a zip file containing various items used in the presentation:
a)   An example database with all linked Dataverse tables converted to local data
b)   The PowerPoint presentation
c)   An example JSON file used with the Google Books API

Click to download:   PowerApps Presentation files       approx 1.5 MB (zipped)


The meeting was recorded and the video is available on the Access Europe YouTube channel at or you can click below:

George has also created a related series of about 30 videos called Mike's Mobile Library showing the progress of this project.
These are available at

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