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Version 1.0           Approx 0.8 MB                 First Published 27 Sept 2021                 Last Updated 8 Jun 2022

This example app shows how a form can be opened at startup to display a set of randomly chosen tips.

1.   When the application tips form is displayed the rest of the screen is automatically dimmed to focus users' attention on the form



      Individual users may choose to hide the application tips by unticking the checkbox Always Show These Tips At Startup.

      The form dimmer effect is fully explained in another of my example apps: An Attention Seeking Database

2.   The information used for each tip is stored in a table tblAppTips


3.   The code used to select a random tip and dim the rest of the screen is in the Form_Load event of the form frmAppTips:


Private Sub Form_Load()

On Error GoTo Err_Handler

      'check tips status
      If GetAppTipsStatus = True Then
            Me.chkShowTips = True
            Me.chkShowTips = False
      End If

      'set randomID to open with
      N = Int((DMax("ID", "tblAppTips") - DMin("ID", "tblAppTips") + 1) * Rnd + DMin("ID", "tblAppTips"))
      DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acGoTo, N
      Me.lblTipValue.Caption = "Tip " & N & " (of " & DMax("ID", "tblAppTips") & ")"

      RecordNumber = Me.ID

      'dim background
      Form_frmDimmer.DoDim Me

      Exit Sub

      MsgBox "Error " & Err & " in Form_Load procedure :" & Err.Description
      Resume Exit_Handler

End Sub

      When the tips form is closed, code in the Form_Unload event removes the dimmer effect to restore the 'normal' screen

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)

On Error GoTo Err_Handler

      'undim to restore 'normal' screen display

      Exit Sub
      MsgBox "Error " & Err & " in Form_Unload procedure :" & Err.Description
      Resume Exit_Handler
End Sub

      You will also need to import the form frmDimmer to your own application

4.   You are allowed to use or modify this code in your own applications.
      However, the code may not be resold by itself or as part of a larger project without the permission of Mendip Data Systems.

      Click to download:       ApplicationTipsExample     (zipped)

      Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 8 June 2022

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