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Version 1.51             Approx 2.5 MB             First Published 8 Mar 2019             Last Updated 25 Sept 2022

This application gets the latest currency exchange rates in JSON format from an online data source.


Exchange rates are updated daily for a selection of common currencies.


Changes in exchange rates can also be tracked over time and plotted as a chart.


The chart can be filtered to show selected currencies only. The chart scale is automatically updated.


By default, the base rate has been set as British Pounds Sterling (GBP) but this can be modified to any other supported currency

The latest version now includes a total of 168 currencies.
However, it is now only free PROVIDED the base currency is set as Euro (EUR).


Choose the correct version for your computer:

a) Access 2010 or later
    Click to download (32/64 bit ACCDE):     Currency Exchange Rates

b) Access 2007 (32-bit only)
    Click to download (32 bit ACCDE only):   Currency Exchange Rates 2007

Click here for further details about the program features (PDF file)

Purchase Source Code

This application is supplied FREE as an Access executable file (ACCDE)
This means that program code is NOT available for viewing.

If you would like full access to the program code, this can be purchased at a reasonable price.
An ACCDB file will be supplied with full program code so you can modify the application or use parts of it in your own applications.

Click to purchase:  Full Source Code

LIVE ticker

For an alternative approach, see the Live Currency Exchange Ticker example application.
This is based on live data from a specified web page

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 25 Sept 2022

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