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Version 1.0         Updated 26/10/2018             Approx 0.5 MB (zipped)

Here's a little puzzle for anyone interested.

It is based on a similar item posted at the DBGuy's website in 2016 but which he did not explain at the time. As I like riddles, I worked out how it was done and am posting a modified version here with his permission. This information was also posted at Access World Forums in October 2018.

The attached database contains just 2 objects
a) A table with one record
b) A form with a combo box whose row source is an empty value list

However the combo shows 4 items and a default value!
Here is a short (20s) video demonstrating the effect:

Its not difficult to recover the row source info
BUT can you work out where the combo list info is stored?
Better still can you re-create this scenario in another database?

There are no hidden objects or hidden code in this example.
It is NOT another security challenge

If you succeed, please send me an email with your solution

Click to download:
        Combobox Zombies Puzzle       (zipped)

        Zombies DEMO video                 Approx 1 MB (zipped)

Click here to find out how to create your own zombie lists in a new database

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