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Version 1.7           First Published 16 July 2022                 Approx 2.2 MB (zipped)

The idea for this article came from a thread by Ed Jarvis (AKA Remster) at AccessForums.net:
      Record selection with the vertical scrollbar on a continuous subform

By default, when the vertical scrollbar on a continuous form scrolls through the records, it doesn't change which record is the current record
i.e. no selection is actually made without clicking.

However, this example app shows how records in a continuous subform can be 'selected' using the vertical scrollbar.
It uses the fact that during screen painting, the form's bookmark becomes out of sync with the recordset's bookmark
That happens because the form's bookmark changes as each row is re-painted.

This means that you can re-sync the bookmarks, and then make the uppermost record the current record.
That current record can then be used to display related information in another subform.

The approach enables rapid record selection whilst scrolling

Two examples are provided which demonstrate this approach:

a)   List of students, parent/carer details & addresses     (all data is fictitious)

      OPTIONAL – the parent/carer &address data can be hidden whilst scrolling

      Before Scrolling


      After Scrolling       (the triangular marker indicates the current record)


b)   List of images and tooltips

      NOTE:  This is an alternative 'fast record selection' approach to that used with the same data in another article on this website:
          Listbox Item Tooltips using a Mouse Move Event

      Before Scrolling


      After Scrolling       (the triangular marker indicates the current record)


CODE: (from continuous subform)

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Dim intCST As Integer


Private Sub Detail_Paint()

      'check if current section top position has changed
      If Me.CurrentSectionTop > intCST Then
            'hide address subform if checkbox option ticked
            If GetHideScroll = "Yes" Then Parent.fsubStudentAddresses.Visible = False

            'disable timer
            Me.TimerInterval = 0

            'resync form & recordset bookmark
            Me.Recordset.Bookmark = Me.Bookmark
            'move to 'select’ new uppermost record
            Me.Recordset.Move -Round((Me.CurrentSectionTop - intCST) / Me.Section(acDetail).Height)

            're-enable timer to update display
            Me.TimerInterval = 100
      End If

End Sub


Private Sub Form_Load()

      'get position of top record at form load for later use
      intCST = Me.CurrentSectionTop

End Sub


Private Sub Form_Timer()

      'disable timer
      Me.TimerInterval = 0

      'requery other subform & make visible
      Parent.fsubStudentAddresses.Visible = True

End Sub

Click to download:   ContinuousSubformScroll_v1.7     Approx 2.2 MB     (zipped)

A video demonstrating this approach will be made available on YouTube in the near future.

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 16 July 2022

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