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Version 2201           Updated 10 Jan 2022           Approx 0.5 MB

This is used to test sending emails directly from Access without using Outlook.

The app allows users to test the settings for sending emails from Access using collaborative data objects (CDO)

It can be used to send HTML emails as well as plain text

If there are issues, error messages are displayed to assist with fixing the problem(s).

A Help file is supplied which explains the meaning of all error messages that may occur.


1. This application is compatibile with both 32-bit & 64-bit Access

2. Google has added additional security to GMail which effectively blocks email sent from any app it considers less secure (including Outlook / Access).

The supplied Help file includes details of two solutions, both of which require a change in the security section of your Google account settings

3. The latest version (2201) has been updated to handle UTF-8 encoding (required for sending email in non-Latin scripts such as Arabic.

Many thanks to Access World Forums member @alvingenius (Motaz Hakim) for both alerting me to the issue and for providing the code modification required.

Click to download:   CDO EMail Tester v2201     (zipped)

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems             Last Updated 10 Jan 2022

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