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First Published 5 Oct 2022

Here are two simple functions for obtaining the network (UNC) path for a mapped drive. Each function should be placed in a standard module.

1.   Using File System Object

      This requires the Microsoft Scripting Runtime reference library. It can be used to return the full UNC file path of files.


Function GetUNCPath(strMappedDrive As String) As String

'Requires Microsoft Scripting Runtime reference library

      Dim objFso As FileSystemObject
      Set objFso = New FileSystemObject
      Dim strDrive As String
      Dim strShare As String

      'Add trailing colon if missing
      If InStr(strMappedDrive, ":") = 0 Then strMappedDrive = Left(strMappedDrive, 1) & ":"

      'Separate the mapped letter from any following sub-folders
      strDrive = objFso.GetDriveName(strMappedDrive)

      'Debug.Print strDrive

      'find the UNC share name from the mapped letter
      strShare = objFso.Drives(strDrive).ShareName

      'The Replace function allows for sub-folders of the mapped drive
      GetUNCPath = Replace(strMappedDrive, strDrive, strShare)

      Set objFso = Nothing       'Destroy the file system object

End Function

      Typical usage:

?GetUNCPath("V")     'enter mapped drive only
\\Linx-12x64-tabl\c     'returns UNC path

?GetUNCPath("X:\DsoFile\eula.txt")     'enter full mapped path
\\COLIN-LAPTOP\G\DsoFile\eula.txt"     'returns full UNC file path

2.   Using WScript

      No additional references are required . This returns the network path ONLY.


Function GetNetworkPath(ByVal DriveName As String) As String

'No additional references required

      Dim objNetWork As Object
      Dim objDrives As Object
      Dim lngLoop As Long

      'Add trailing colon if missing
      If InStr(DriveName, ":") = 0 Then DriveName = Left(DriveName, 1) & ":"

      'Remove backslash & any subsequent text
      If InStr(DriveName, "\") > 0 Then DriveName = Left(DriveName, InStr(DriveName, "\") - 1)

      Set objNetWork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
      Set objDrives = objNetWork.enumnetworkdrives

      For lngLoop = 0 To objDrives.count - 1 Step 2
            If UCase(objDrives.Item(lngLoop)) = UCase(DriveName) Then
                  GetNetworkPath = objDrives.Item(lngLoop + 1)
                  Exit For
            End If

End Function

      Typical usage:

?GetNetworkPath("V")     'enter mapped drive
\\Linx-12x64-tabl\c     'returns network path

?GetNetworkPath("X:\DsoFile\eula.txt")     'enter full mapped file path
\\COLIN-LAPTOP\G     'returns network path only

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 5 Oct 2022

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