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As part of the Jan 2023 meeting of the Access Europe User Group, Karl Donaubauer (MVP) demonstrated a horizontal continuous form

The way this works is that the form has several subforms, where the first subform displays the first 10 records, the second subform the next 10 records and so on.

Design View

For more details about Karl's presentation and to download the example app provided, please click here
The linked page also includes the YouTube video of the Access Europe session.

A fellow UK developer Neil Sargent was very impressed with the concept and decided to create his own version using class module code to manage the main forms and subforms and make it more easily reusable.

Neil wanted to integrate the code so it could easily be adapted to any subform and would not 'interfere' with the user’s own code behind the subform.
The class module subclasses the subform allowing the user to write their own subform code without interfering with the code running the continuous subform behaviour.

With Karl's full agreement, I am happy to provide space on this website for Neil’s version.


Design View

My own contribution to this project is very minor.
I made a few cosmetic changes to the appearance of the main and sub forms and added a linked form to show the addresses

As with Karl's original version, you can change the number of rows displayed in each subform and easily select the initial letter of the name.

A search feature is also provided


ALL of the class module code was written by Neil Sargent or Karl Donaubauer

If you have any questions about the code, please contact Neil Sargent direct by email


Click to download:   Horizontal Continuous Form (Class)     Approx 1.1 MB (zipped)


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