Increasingly, a wide range of online data is being supplied as JSON files.

The file format is very versatile and efficient allowing rapid data transfer


However, Access does not currently provide an easy method of working with JSON files.


JSON Analyse & Transform for Access (JATFA) has been designed to make importing and handling JSON files a straightforward and, in many cases, a largely automated task.


Features include:

a) Fully automated analysis of JSON files including handling of subarrays

b) Fully automated creation of tables and transform functions based on file analysis.

c) Import JSON data into normalised Access tables based on file analysis

d) Over 90 sample JSON files are supplied as examples


The application may be installed on 2 computers.

Additional/site licenses can also be purchased if required


The application is particularly suitable for use by Access developers


Full program code and 90 days email support are included with the application


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I demonstrated this application at the virtual Access DevCon conference on 23rd April 2021. A video of the presentation is now available on You Tube at



Click here to purchase the latest version of the JATFA application


Click here for further details about the program features (PDF file)




An older version of the program is also available at no cost to allow users to try out the application before committing to purchasing the full version.

This pre-release version is not as fully featured


Click here to download a free pre-release version.



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Current Version 4.2              07/12/2017

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