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CheckUsers DBLockedMessage LockExtDBMsg1

Version 3.1      Updated 20 Oct 2018               Approx 0.6 MB

This is a new version of an old utility written by David Crake. I updated it in response to a request in a thread at Access World Forums.

The original only worked with MDB files and had a few issues in newer versions of Windows/Access

Changes made in this latest version include:
1.   It now works with both ACCDB and MDB files.
2.   Fixed issues monitoring databases on remote computers
3.   Now works with password protected databases
4.   List of users is updated automatically every 10 seconds
5.   Improvements to the Lock Database feature
6.   Removed 3 non-standard VBA references that were required in the original version.
7.   Modified the code removing the need for the Common Controls reference which
      wasn't installed with Windows 10 (and didn't work in 64-bit Access)

The following info is shown for each current user:
Computer Name - The computer name connected to the datafile
Login Name - (typically Admin) (AKA: Access User Name)
Connected - Is the User Connected (Yes/No)
SuspectState - If Yes, the user has left the database in a "SuspectState" (possibly corrupted)

As in the original version, the utility allows you to lock external databases by creating a textfile 'Locked.txt' in the destination database folder. If this file exists, a message is displayed stating that the database is unavailable due to system maintenance

To use the locking feature with your own application(s):
1.   COPY the module modLockedOut to the selected database(s).
      Use the frontend for split databases
2.   ADD the line 'Call LockedOut' in the Form_Load event of the database startup form
3.   ADD the VBA reference Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 6.1 Library

Click to download:       Logged In Users    (zipped)

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 20 Oct 2018

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