First Published 4 Dec 2023

This article describes a strange issue I had after temporarily changing the Office language from English UK to Spanish Modern.
I often change Office languages, normally with no side effects.

Access Language Options - Spanish
On this occasion, I changed the Office language whilst testing a planned update to my Access/Windows Version Checker application.

AVC Main Form
Whilst the language was set as Spanish, both the Access menu & that in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) were in Spanish as you would expect.

Access VBE Menu Languages Spanish
However, after resetting the language to English & restarting Office, the Office menus correctly reverted to English but the VBE menus were still in Spanish.

Access VBE Menu Languages Different
Restarting Access had no effect. As the VBE settings are common to all Office apps, this glitch also affected Outlook, Word, Excel etc.

I then tried a quick Office repair. The behaviour did not change.
Next I tried a full Office repair in which all files are downloaded again and a fresh installation takes place. To my surprise, even that did not fix the issue

I really did not want to uninstall Office and start again so I looked again at the Language tab in Access Options

Access Language Options English
I tried moving Spanish to the bottom of the list:

Access Language Order Changed
After restarting Access, I was relieved to find the VBE menus were in English again

As a test, I repeated all the above steps with EXACTLY the same results.

I then rebooted my machine and repeated the tests, this time changing the language to German and back to English. This time BOTH menus reverted to English.
I again repeated the tests into Spanish & back. Once again, BOTH menus reverted to English.


At this stage, I have no idea whether this was a temporary artfeact on my workstation only. I have reported the issue in case it can be reproduced on other workstations.

Similarly, I do not know whether the issue was specific to using Spanish Modern, nor whether rebooting or testing another language fixed the issue.
It doesn't make any sense to me that a full Office repair had no effect nor that just changing the language priority order in Access Options did solve the issue.

However, if anyone else ever does experience this issue, hopefully an internet search will lead them here so they have a solution!

I will update trhis article if / when I have any further information.


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