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Version 1.0       Last Updated 2 Oct 2017

This article includes two example applications intended mainly for use with touch screens
    e.g. Windows tablets using a stylus or finger for input.

They can also be used with a trackpad or (less easily) with a mouse on a standard desktop/laptop.

1.   Signature Capture

      Intended for capturing e.g. customer signatures as images during home deliveries
      This can be done in Access without purchasing special hardware
      This feature is used in my UK Postal Address Finder application (Professional/Tablet editions)

      This app requires the VBA reference Microsoft Tablet PC Type Library Version 1.0

      Please see the attached video (duration = 00:28)


      Click to download:  Signature Capture

2.   Ink Edit

      This converts handwritten text which was input by finger / stylus etc into standard text.
      It seems very good at recognising letters / words.
      In this case, possibly useful for a young child practising writing but I'm not sure what else ....

      This app requires the VBA reference Microsoft Ink Edit Control 1.0

      Please see the attached video (duration = 00:47)


      Click to download: Ink Edit

Please contact me by email with any feedback on either / both of these applications. Thanks.

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 2 Oct 2017

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