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Version 2.0           First Published 16 July 2022           Last Updated 22 Aug 2022                 Approx 2.2 MB (zipped)

The Standard Module Object Generation (SMOG) add-in was created by Alan Cossey of Premier Data Technologies Ltd.
It was developed in order to make as much use as possible of both compile-time error-checking and Intellisense in Access.

Alan demonstrated his Standard Module Object Generation (SMOG) application to the online Access Europe user group on 1 July 2022.
For further details, see Topic Outline

The main part of the add-in enables database objects such as queries and tables, together with their fields and query parameters to be treated as proper database objects. As a result, their names can be checked during coding using Intellisense so that any spelling errors are detected at compile time rather than when a user is using the application.

SMOG also significantly reduces the amount of code the developer needs to write.

A simple example is the replacement of the following code block:

Dim db As DAO.Database
Set db = CurrentDb

With db.TableDefs("tblDemo")
      Debug.Print .Fields("PersonID")
      Debug.Print .Fields("PersonAddress")
End With

. . . with the code below

With tblDemo
      Debug.Print .Fields(.PersonID.Name)
      Debug.Print .Fields(.PersonAddress.Name)
End With

Other functionality in SMOG includes Persisted Public Variables (PPVs)
These allow easy retrieval of variables stored in both front and back end tables and, again, their handling with compile-time error-checking and Intellisense.


The video of the Access Europe meeting from July 2022 is available on YouTube at or you can click below:


Alan Cossey has given permission for his add-in to be made available here for use by other Access developers with the following terms and conditions:

    1.   The add-in includes all code and has been made freely available for use in development projects by the person downloading the file
    2.   The add-in is for use only by the person downloading them and may not be published or redistributed without permission
    3.   Any use in a commercial application will need the prior written permission of Premier Data Technologies Limited.

If you have any questions or for further information, please contact Alan Cossey by email


Click to download:
    SMOG Add-In Files     Approx 2.3 MB (zipped)

The zip file contains:
    a)   The Access add-in: SMOG2.accda
    b)   Setup instructions: SMOG SetUp 2022.docx
    c)   PowerPoint presentation for Access Europe: SMOG Europe June 2022.pptx

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