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vba QuerySQL

Version 3.03           Updated 28 Sept 2018           Approx 0.6 MB

Some years ago, the wonderful Allen Browne created a small utility called Sql2vba.
It is available from his website: http://allenbrowne.com/ser-71.html

The purpose was to save developer time:
"Rather than typing complex query statements into VBA code, developers often mock up a query graphically, switch it to SQL View, copy, and paste into VBA.
If you've done it, you know how messy it is sorting out the quotes, and the line endings.
Solution: create a form where you paste the SQL statement, and get Access to create the SQL string for you."

When I started developing in Access, I found this so useful that I extended the idea to work in the other direction as well: VBA to SQL so I could easily create & load a query based on VBA code.
This is useful for testing when the VBA string is long & complex as shown below.

With Allen's permission, I am publishing my version of his utility here.

To use this utility, copy the form frmSql2vba & the 2 modules modFunctions & modResizeForm to your own applications

The latter module contains code originally by Jamie Czernak used to automatically resize forms depending on users' screen resolution. For more details about this feature, see my article:
      Automatic Form Resizing - A Tutorial

If you don't want to use that feature:
a)   omit the module modResizeForm
b)   remove the line ResizeForm Me from the frmSql2vba Form_Open procedure

Click to download:     SQL to VBA and back again     (zipped)

Version 3.03 - 28 Sept 2018: fixed issue with Copy to Clipboard code in 64-bit Access

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 28 Sept 2018

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