First Published 1 Feb 2024

Unlike other Office apps such as Word and Excel, Access does not include a strikethrough option for text.
However, you can achieve the effect by using a specially designed strikethrough font.

Main Form
Strikethrough fonts can be used in standard plain text labels or textboxes. Perhaps more usefully, they can be used as part of a rich text field.

You can choose from 16 strikethrough fonts that are available to download for free from the 1001 Fonts website.

All are monospaced and, in my opinion, mostly unsuitable for use in Access databases.
However, I find the BPtypewriteStrikethough font is acceptable



Click to download:   Strikethrough     ACCDB file     Approx 0.8 MB (zipped)

Each user will need to have the strikethough font installed on their own workstation.
Where this is not the case, the text will be displayed using the default font. In this case, the new Office default (Aptos).



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Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 1 Feb 2024

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