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I made the attached database in response to this thread by MsAxes at AccessForums.net:
      How to return current time for specific time zones?

It can used to show the current date & time in different time zones with times being updated each second.

The displayed times allow for daylight saving settings where these are currently in place for particular countries/time zones.


The details for each time zone are saved in table tblTimeZones:


Try changing the date/time in Windows settings. The app will update automatically.

Similarly you can change the default time zone and all dates/times will be updated automatically.

Use an online resource such as World Time Zones By Country to edit the displayed time zones for your own purposes and to update daylight savings data.

The app should be very easy to use. I hope you find it useful.


Click to download:   Time Zones     (zipped)


If you want to understand how it works, please watch the accompanying video on my YouTube channel: Working with time zones or you can click below:


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