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This is intended as a resource for Access developers to find useful information from other online sites. It will be further expanded in the coming months.
Please contact us by email if you have any suggestions for other useful sites not listed here.

Also please email us if you find any broken links. Thank you.

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A list of specialist Access and other forums which have a significant Access section

Access World Forums
Currently the largest of the 3 main Access forums in terms of membership and daily traffic. Very active and with a wide range of sample databases and code samples

Utter Access
Although much quieter than in the past, this is a long standing Access forum with a wide membership and a very useful archive of samples and examples

A smaller forum but also with many active members

MS Access Tech Community
Microsoft's current forum for developers. Slightly harder to use but several highly knowledgeable members actively involved

Access section of a site covering a wide range of applications as well as Access

Tek Tips
Another site covering a wide range of applications as well as Access

Stack Overflow
Excellent resource for information for a wide range of programming languages. Regards itself as a knowledge base rather than a discussion forum

Access Feedback
Latest official Microsoft site for user feedback and suggestions. Replacement to the now defunct Access User Voice site. Whether MS actually do anything about the feedback this time is of course another matter!

Access Help Sites                                                               Return To Top

A list of some of the most useful help sites for Access

Access Forever
A new Access blog site started in Dec 2022 by Karl Donaubauer and ably assisted by other Access experts George Hepworth, Peter Doering and Philipp Stiefel. Initially, the site will focus on Access information including bugs, tools and events

Git Hub VBA Tools
The Git Hub website is a vast resource of open source code. Now owned by Microsoft but they have promised to allow the site to remain fully independent

No Longer Set
Run by Mike Wolfe. A DAILY blog of advanced techniques, unique perspectives, and strong opinions from the Microsoft Access version control guy.

Isladogs on Access
I am listing my own site here as I am aware that at least one other site listed here has a direct link back to this page!
Run by Colin Riddington (Mendip Data Systems). Another extensive site with a regularly updated range of Access articles, example apps and code samples!

Dev Hut
Run by Daniel Pineault (CARDA Consultants). Extensive site with a regularly updated range of Access articles and code samples

Computer Learning Zone
Extensive website with articles and example apps created by Access MVP, Richard Rost. Many of these are free whilst others form part of various training courses which can be purchased .

The DBGuy
Excellent site with articles, sample code and example databases by UA moderator, The DBGuy (Leo)

Allen Browne's tips for Microsoft Access
Allen Browne's site has a wide range of tips for Access users of all abilities. Unfortunately Allen is no longer active in this area but the site remains essential for all

Pearson Software Consulting
This website by Chip Pearson is aimed mainly for Excel users but much of the information applies to Access. Unfortunately Chip died in April 2018 but his excellent site remains online
Stephen Lebans retired in 2009 but his site remains available with many very clever utilities, mostly graphics related and based on an extensive use of APIs.

Access Web
Another superb site for Access developers started by Dev Ashish and now run by Arvin Meyer. No longer updated but an excellent resource

Access Junkie
Another excellent site run by Jeff Conrad with many Access articles and code samples.
UPDATE Dec 2019 - Unfortunately the site is no longer maintained but remains available for now

Access Diva
Run by Gina Whipp, this has a wide range of example code, tips and sample databases

Commercial site by Luke Chung with many excellent Access utilities. Also with many detailed articles and several free code samples

Doug Steele
More examples and samples by Access MVP, Doug Steele

Huge online learning resource covering HTTP, CSS, PHP, VBA, SQL, Java and much more

Another outstanding site run by Philipp Stiefel. The site (in both German and English) has many very detailed Access articles and code samples. Highly recommended.

Windows API Reference: Functions
Very detailed resource of almost all API functions available for use in Access and other Office programs

Wizhook reference
Online reference resource by Jason M with information about the little documented hidden Wizhook function

Access Ribbons
Examples and tutorial for ribbon creation by Gunter Avenius (in both German and Engish). Ribbon creator utility available for purchase

Access MVPs
Official site for several Access MVPs. Many examples and code samples

BTAB Development
Free samples, tools, short and full length tutorials and code. Site created by Bob Larson & now run by Juan Soto

MS Access Gurus
Another very good site run by Crystal Long (MVP). This includes a wide range of articles for developers. Includes an excellent Analyser tool

Learn MS Access Tips & Tricks
A long established site run by APR Pillai containing a huge number of tips and tricks for Access users of all skill levels

Data Models
This is an updated version of the old Database Answers website run by Barry Williams and containing many Industry Data Models with a wide range of schemas for database table design. The site is now run by Databases.Biz and is in the process of being updated and extended

ASCII Tables
Useful reference when you need to use the ACSII number codes for keyboard input

Access Object Model
Microsoft official site containing documentation for all the objects, properties, methods, and events contained in the Access object model.

Tech On The Net
Detailed articles listing (almost) all Microsoft Access functions together with how/where each can be used

Roger's Access Blog
Thoughts, opinions, samples, tips, and tricks about Microsoft Access by Roger Carlson

Wikibooks Visual Basic
Mainly for VB6 but much of the content can easily be adapted for VBA
It covers many different techniques and topics including object oriented programming, optimization of programs and coding guidelines.

Connection Strings
Outstanding reference about all types of connection strings. Essential info for all developers

JKP Application Development
Site in both Dutch and English with useful tips & code for Excel, Access and other Office applications including a very useful non-ActiveX Treeview control

Tony Toews Access
One of the oldest Microsoft Access websites started by Tony Toews (ex-MVP) back in 1995.
The site contains Tony's Microsoft Access tips, hints and links including Email FAQ and Access based accounting systems.

RegEx 101
Very useful site for testing & debugging regular expressions

Extends Class Online Tools for Developers
This site run by Cyril Bois contains a wide range of very useful online tools for developers. All are completely free to use

Very useful site for online conversions. Wide range of other conversion facilities available including CSV to JSON, CSV to HTML etc

JSONLint is a validator and reformatter for JSON files. Use it to tidy and validate your JSON code.

JSON Editor
Another very useful site for managing JSON files

Microsoft Access Help Center
Official Microsoft site wth help articles for Access - mainly for beginners but some useful info for intermediate / advanced users as well

Microsoft Access Functions
This is actually the result of a search which links to 9 separate Microsoft help articles. Many thanks to Pat Hartman for this suggestion.

Microsoft Access templates
Download site for all Access templates created by Microsoft to demonstrate Access features. NOTE: The quality of these templates varies significantly

My Engineering World
Very useful site by Christos Samaras with many tips and hints for Office products and other topics (in English and Greek).

Wayback Machine
The Wayback Machine is an initiative of the non-profit Internet Archive & contains a vast digital library of Internet sites and digital artefacts collected over a period of time.
If a website is no longer available with a 404 Page not found error, you may well find it here

Access Video Tutorials                                                   Return To Top

A list of some useful video sites for Access

Access Europe
The official playlist with all the videos for the Europe chapter of A new video is added each month

Isladogs on Access
My own Isladogs YouTube video site with additional content being added on a regular basis
The YouTube channel for all chapters of with a total of well over 400 videos. Several new videos are added each month

Computer Learning Zone
A huge resource of over 1500 videos created by Access MVP, Richard Rost. Many of these are free whilst others form part of various training courses which can be purchased

How to in Access 2013/2016
Complete course of over 100 Access online tutorials by Steve Bishop for all levels of ability from absolute beginners through intermediate to advanced users

Another comprehensive set of videos by Access MVP Crystal Long

Better VBA
Yet another wide ranging set of videos by Philipp Stiefel

Nifty Access
AWF moderator, Tony Hine, has created many free Access tutorial videos aimed mainly at beginners and intermediate users of Access

Microsoft Access Videos
Official Microsoft Access video training site - aimed mainly at beginners

Datapig Form Basics
Datapig Queries
These are collections of several older Access videos by Mike Alexander. The videos demonstrate various Access techniques in forms & queries
Previously unavailable for several years, these have recently been uploaded to YouTube by Crystal Long

What have I forgotten? Please email me with any suggested additions to this page.

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