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Version 2.2       Last Updated 26 Oct 2020

The example app attached provides code to view all objects in a database.

The list of database objects is obtained from the hidden system table MSysObjects.
It is updated automatically as objects are added to or removed from the database.

Depending on the object type, you can choose to open the object in design view or run it direct from the form.

1.   So you can see this in action, I have included a number of dummy objects in the attached
      application e.g. Table1, Query1, Query 2 etc

2.   Copy the following 3 items to use this with your own database applications
      Form    - frmDatabaseObjects
      Report  - rptDatabaseObjects
      Table    - tblSysObjectTypes

3.   No additional VBA references are required for this item

4.   The app works in both 32-bit and 64-bit Access

Click to download :    View Database Objects      Approx 0.8 MB (zipped)

v1.0  22/03/2017 - Initial release
v2.2  26/10/2020 - Bug fixes & other improvements following feedback by Adam L. Many thanks

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 26 Oct 2020

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