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Organising a successful curriculum enrichment programme for schools can be a highly complex and very time consuming task.
However, the outcomes for both students and staff are usually highly beneficial and can be a major contributory factor in providing a positive school ethos.

The Curriculum Enrichment Organiser application has been widely used since 2005 in a number of UK secondary schools.

It was designed to manage all aspects of a school curriculum enrichment programme including:
    - organisation of activities and risk assessments
    - production of activity booklets
    - allocation of students and staff to activities
    - timetabling of rooms to activities
    - medical and contact information
    - bookings and transport for external trips
    - organisation of staff cover in case of absence
    - student payments and activity costs
    - calendar events & task list
    - mail merge letters and group email
    - staff and student timetable viewer
    - student attendance

It is particularly suitable for managing activity weeks where both students and staff choose activities from a wide range of free / paid activities both in school and involving external trips. Such events are, in many ways, similar to organising the school timetable . . . but with significant additional complexity!

The Curriculum Enrichment Organiser (CEO) application is also designed to be linked to one or both of the following external data sources:
    - the School Information Management System (SIMS)
    - our School Data Analyser (SDA) application.

This enables staff and student data to be automatically updated each day from the external source(s).

Here are several screenshots of different parts of the application. All student/staff/school data is fictitious.

Main Menu Screen - Activities section


Main Menu Screen - Students section


Activity Info form


Activity Costs Summary form


Activity Summary & Student List form


Calendar Month form (Week & Day versions also available)


Curriculum Enrichment Day - Activity List form


Staff Choices Allocation form 1


Staff Allocation Form 2


Staffing Check form


Student Choices Summary Form


Student Choices Summary form


Student Choice Allocations form


Student Payments Summary form


Student Timetable Viewer form


Trip Labels form/report


Medical & Contact Info report


Further Info & Downloads

The above information only covers a smalll part of the feature set for this application

Click here for further details of the program features (PDF file)

Click here to download a demo / trial version of the program with example staff & student data for a fictitious school, Mendip Heights. The file size is approx 80MB.


Curriculum Enrichment Organiser is available for purchase with a full site licence including:
    - all program code (so it can be modified to suit the needs of individual schools)
    - email/telephone support and program updates for 1 year

Click here to purchase Curriculum Enrichment Organiser

Please use the contact form below if you have any questions about this application.

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