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First Published 23 Oct 2022

Sometimes it is useful to know using code whether a form has been loaded (opened)

This can be done with one line of code which returns True if the form is loaded ; otherwise False



Alternatively, here is a function based on different code which has the same result:


Function IsFormLoaded(ByVal strFormName As String) As Integer

'Returns True if Open or False if form is not open

On Error GoTo Err_Handler

      If SysCmd(acSysCmdGetObjectState, acForm, strFormName) <> 0 Then
            If Forms(strFormName).CurrentView <> 0 Then
                  IsFormLoaded = True
            End If
      End If

      Exit Function

      MsgBox "Error " & err & " in IsFormLoaded procedure : " & Err.Description
      Resume Exit_Handler

End Function

Typical usage: close a form if it is open

If IsFormLoaded("YourFormName") Then DoCmd.Close acForm, "YourFormName"

If you need to know whether a form is open as a subform, please see my article: Is Form Open as a Subform?

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Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems                 Last Updated 23 Oct 2022

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