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Version 1901         Updated 23/01/2019             Approx 8.7 MB


This application can be used to maintain students' network user names,  passwords and email addresses easily. It is a standalone version of an application supplied with the Student Data Analyser program.


Originally intended for use in schools and colleges

It could be adapted for use with staff in schools or businesses.


Features include:

a)  creation of user names and email addresses based on specified formats

b)  random generation of passwords based on specified number of characters and  

    patterns such as words, upper/lower case letters, numbers

c)  management of missing and duplicate data

d)  sending email direct from Access using CDO


The program will run in 32-bit or 64-bit Access (version 2010 or later)


The example database is supplied with a complete set of data for a fictitious school, Mendip Heights, in order to fully test the features of the application.


Click to download:  

       Student ICT Database v1901        (32/64 bit ACCDE)

       Student ICT database help guide   (PDF file)




This application is supplied free as an Access 'executable' file (ACCDE)

This means that program code is NOT available for viewing.


If you would like full access to the program code, this can be purchased at a reasonable price.


An ACCDB file will be supplied with full program code so you can enter your own data, modify the application or use parts of it in your own applications.


Click to purchase:  Full Source Code

Student ICT database    

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StudentICTDatabase StudentICTDatabase2


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