If you have already purchased UK Postal Address Finder, you can download program updates as these become available

NOTE: You will need to enter the license key supplied on purchasing the program in order to install the software.

The items on this page will update UK Postal Address Finder to the latest version.
You should check your existing version before downloading the latest update.

Please read the update instructions for full details on updating your existing version

Program Update to version 3.46 (from v3.30 or later)     22 Jun 2018

The latest postcodes datafile is also REQUIRED for these version updates

Further Information & Update Instructions

Standard/Professional Editions      (approx 15.2 MB)

Tablet Edition                                   (approx 15.2 MB)

Source Code Edition                        (approx 12.9 MB)

ONS Postcodes Database Update                     Release Date   21 Aug 2018

Install the appropriate datafile for your UKPAF edition to the folder used for your support files.

The existing datafile is no longer needed and will be overwritten.

Postcodes datafile                      (approx 153 MB)         - for Standard/Professional/Source Code editions

PostcodesT datafile                    (approx 93 MB)           - for the Tablet edition ONLY

Colin Riddington           Mendip Data Systems             Last Updated 21 Aug 2018

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