About Mendip Data Systems / Isladogs

My name is Colin Riddington and I am the owner of Mendip Data Systems. I am also active on many online forums - usually with the user name isladogs.

Since 2005, Mendip Data Systems have been based in Somerset, UK.
Previously we were on the edge of the
Mendip Hills (hence the name), but we moved to a remote area of the Exmoor National Park in 2019.

For many years, we specialised in creating management software for schools though we now focus on apps for businesses/developers.

The advantage of being a small development operation is that clients don't have to pay for large company overheads when they purchase our products - and users can talk directly to the key people in the company when they contact us.

However, sometimes we may not be available, and you may need to leave us a message - or better still, send us an email because we respond to emails quickly and at any time.

The site includes several commercial applications as well as a wide range of free example applications, code samples and extended articles.

We also accept customised work for individual clients including both the creation of new systems and upgrading existing applications.
In addition, we can
convert old databases to current versions and advise on issues related to database security.

We currently have 10 applications available for purchase from the website:

Apps for Business / Developer / Personal Use
The focus here is on creating applications based on imported online data obtained in JSON format.
-    JSON Analyse & Transform for Access (for Access developers)
-    UK Postal Address Finder (Professional/Standard/Tablet editions) <
-    UK Postal Address Lookup (source code edition)
-    Currency Exchange Rate Tracker (source code edition)

Applications for Schools
All our school applications were originally developed to for use in UK secondary schools.
However, many of these are equally suitable for use in primary schools and abroad.
Most of these applications for schools are open source databases using Microsoft Access and SQL Server.
We regularly update our programs to meet the changing needs of schools.
It is also our policy in most cases to supply full program code so that schools can customise the program features to suit individual needs.
-    School Data Analyser
-    SDA Link
-    Curriculum Enrichment Organiser
-    School Payments System
-    Exam Timer
-    Student ICT Database (source code edition)

Free Applications
A large number of FREE example databases & code samples can also be downloaded from the website.
These include many items originally uploaded to sites such as Access World Forums and Utter Access with the user name: isladogs

Currently there are over 40 example applications including:
-    Currency Exchange Rate Tracker / Manage Application Interface / Attention Seeking Database / Countdown Timer / Cascading Combo Boxes /
-    Multiple Group & Filter / JET ShowPlan Manager / Emulated Split Form / CDO Email Tester . . . and many more

There are over 30 code samples including:
-    Rank Order in Queries / Database Statistics / VBA Reference List & Locations / Fix MSysObjects Errors / System Info / View Database Objects /
-    Upend Query / System Metrics / Linked ‘No Tables’ / Easter calculator . . . and many more

In addition, there are a growing number of extended articles on various topics related to the use of Access databases including:
-    Speed Comparison Tests / Access Security / System Tables / Synchronise Data / Relationships / Automatic Form Resizing / Synchronise Data /
-    Multivalued Fields / Column History in Memo Fields . . . and many more

In conjunction with various articles on Access security, several security challenges are available for experienced developers to test their skills & knowledge

Please email us if you would you like to discuss specialised development work for your organisation, become involved with the future development of our products, offer thoughts or tell us about your own work.

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