SQL to/from VBA Converter Add-In
Why does SSMA fail to import my tables?
AEU30: Using Treeviews with Access Applications
Kiosk Example Form
CDO EMail Tester
Move App Window And Popup Form Using Code
Hide the Taskbar Icon
Control the Application Interface
Using the new VBA Project Signing feature
Two new Access Features now in the Beta Channel
Move the Application Window Using Code
View/Edit IMEX Data Task Specifications
Filtering with Contains gives inconsistent results
Extended File Properties
Progress Bar
Forcibly Shutdown Access
Two New Access Features - Autumn 2024
LIVE Currency Exchange HTML Ticker
Outlook: Check your Connection
AEU28: IMEX Data Tasks/Extended File Properties
Lock Down Database Objects
BUG: Office & VBE Menu Languages Different
Access/Windows/Office365 Version Check Add-In
Gradient Background Fill in Forms
You Can REALLY Do All That With Forms?
AEU27: Use VBA to create a class based on a table
Change Query Views Using Command Bars Code
Datasheet Row/Column Select & Spell Check
AEU26: Command Bars & the Access Shortcut Tool
Highlight Control/Column in Continuous Forms
Rounded Corners in Forms
View/Edit IMEX Data Task Specifications
Click Me And I Disappear!
AEU28: View & Edit IMEX Data Task Specifications
AEU27: Use VBA to create a class based on a table
Protect Data in Tables and Queries
You Can REALLY Do All That With Forms?
Highlight Entire Form (Dim Background)
Access Wizards, User Data & Cache
Freeze Columns in Continuous Forms - Part 3
Move/Resize Borderless Form Using Mouse - Part 2
FIXED: Error 3283 when refreshing links
Hide & Restore Selected Columns - Part 2
Export Customised Ribbon
Paint Me Transparent in a Continuous Form
Move Borderless Form Using Mouse Event - Part 1
AEU25: Better Access Charts - The Next Generation
AEU26: Command Bars & the Access Shortcut Tool
Form Datasheet ribbon missing in popup form
AEU29: An Improved, Enhanced Message Box
Move/Resize Columns in Continuous Forms - Part 2
Move/Resize Columns in Continuous Forms - Part 1
Get Current Geolocation
Fix Issues with Hidden Duplicates in Reports
BUG: Query Designer Insert/Delete Columns
Reset the Property Sheet
Edit Data in Hidden Duplicates Forms - Part 2
Freeze Columns in Continuous Forms - Part 2
Freeze Columns in Continuous Forms - Part 1
Access News & Events
AEU24: Top 10 Advanced Features of MZ-Tools
Add Colour to Tab Control Pages
Hide Selected Columns in Continuous Forms - Part 1
Hide Duplicates in Continuous Forms - Part 1
View Database Objects & Metadata
Strikethrough Font in Access
Run External Apps from Access
Set BackColor of all Forms
Sort Columns in Continuous Forms
Highlight Control/Column in Continuous Forms
Copy Meetings & Appointments in Outlook
Highlight Filtered Columns in Continuous Forms
Restore Missing Status Bar
Database Services
Streamline Multiselect Filters in Continuous Forms
Database Consultancy
Get Control Positions & Sizes Using Code
Multiselect Filter in a Continuous Form
AEU23: Streamline Form Module Code
CDO EMail Tester
Database Repairs
Database Security
Database Conversion
Multiple Group & Filter
Open New Form & Close Original Form
Get Control Properties Using Code
Calculate Distance Between Locations
Extended File Properties
Filter By Form
Reserved Errors - no message for this error
32 to 64-bit: My Future Plans
Exam Timer
AEU22: Streamline Import Specs with VBA Classes
FIXED: Error 3611 when refreshing links using code
32 to 64-bit: Manage Procedures
Open Queries Directly in SQL View
32 to 64-bit: Variables & Type Statements
Suggested Improvements to IMEX Data Tasks
Security Alerts in the Message Bar
View/Edit IMEX Data Task Specifications
Office & VBE Menu Languages Different
Set Default Printer
Locked and disabled control puzzle - Pg 2 - SOLVED
Locked and disabled control puzzle - Pg 1
Long Value Binary fields in System Tables
Large Address Awareness in 32-bit Access
VBE Option Statements
Gradient Background Fill in Forms
32 to 64-bit: Conditional Compilation
Manage Label Printing
Highlight Search Results
Dictation in Access
Highlight Required Fields
Highlight Current Control in Single Forms
32 to 64-bit Conversion
UK Postal Address Lookup
Highlight Current Record in Continuous Form
Prevent Opening Objects From the Navigation Pane
Manage the Shift Bypass Property - Pg 3
Access News VIDEO - AEK Conference (Oct 2023)
Open Encrypted Database with Shift Bypass - Pg 2
AEU21: Use SQL Geography data in Access
Open Database with Shift Bypass using Code - Pg 1
Manage Totals row using VBA
Two Font Display Bugs in Version 2309 - FIXED
Linked table passwords exposed
Auto position objects in extended Access interface
Extend Access across Multiple Monitors
Synchronise Subform Scrolling
Accurately Move Forms & Controls
AEU20: The Future of Access
Access File Limits
Access News & Events
Useful Links
In Praise Of SysCmd(555)
Undocumented SysCmd Actions
AEU19: Database Analyzer and Other Tools
Database Analyzer Pro
Isla - R.I.P.
Translation Tools
Database Analysis Tools
The Strange Dotted Square 'Bug' FIXED
Using Combo Charts in Access
AEU18: Create Applications in Blazor
Change Query Views Using Command Bars Code
Count Jobs in Print Queue
Available Connections Add-In
Available Connections
Table Analyzer & Viewer Pro
AEU17: Interactive Gantt Chart Scheduler
Create ACCDB & ACCDE Files Using Code
Is a Report Open As a Subreport?
Is a Form Open As a Subform?
Is Location Trusted?
Centre Form On Screen
Module Type property
Now you CAN open more tables and databases
Age Calculation
Access Command Line Switches
Popup forms with breakpoints & navigation
AEU16: Northwind 2.0-Inventory/String Functions
Access User Groups: Europe (AEU)
Breakpoints and special keys
Tables Disappear In Relationships Window
Securing Your Database - A Tutorial
Maximum Password Length in Access Files
List All Module Procedures
Access Application Translator
Speed Test 2: CurrentDB/DBEngine(0)(0)/ThisDb
Automatic Form Resizing - Part 4
Making Automatic Form Resizing work for you
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Case Sensitive Password Validation
Password Login (with Session Login Information)
Unblock downloaded files by removing the MOTW
AEU15: Automate DSN-less Connections to SQL Server
The Curious Case of the Multi Row Tab Control
View Access Help
Using the new VBA Project Signing feature - Part 1
Adding Security to Access Databases - A Wish List
SQL to VBA & Back Again
Datasheet Totals Row Bug
BUG: Breakpoints and special keys
Navigation pane search bar code
AEU14: Creating calendar format reports
System Tray Alerts
ERROR: Trust Center Settings in ACCDR files
Progress Bar
Better Date Picker
Compare Control Help Text Methods
Table Analyzer & Viewer
Issues with Boolean Variables and Fields
The Horizontal Continuous Form
Use Name AutoCorrect Successfully
Build Your Own Simulated Split Form
The Emulated Split Form
Issues Modifying Split Forms
Set Default Control Properties in Forms & Reports
Automatic Form Resizing - Part 3
Automatic Form Resizing - Part 2
Automatic Form Resizing - Part 1
AEU13: Optimizing Queries in SQL Server
Use Multiple Tags on Form Controls
Access News & Events
Access Videos
Access Application Translator
Translate and Speak
BUG: Disabled Datasheet Fields Undone By Events!
Click Me And I Disappear
Maximum Width of Access Forms & Reports
Access Specifications Issues
Speed Test 7: Check Record Exists
AEU12: State-of-the-art charts in Access
Clear the Immediate Window using Code
Unicode Input Box
Formatted Message Box
Manage Windows Smart Screen Warnings
Maximum Password Length in Access Files
AI: Can ChatGPT be used to write malware?
Manage Old Data: Archive, Mark or Delete?
AI: Using ChatGPT to write code
Why Isladogs? Why Access?
Application Parts & Templates
AEU11: A Baker's Dozen of Tips, Tricks & Tools
Speed Test 15: Grouped Aggregate Queries
Speed Test 8: Optimising Queries
Speed Test 14: Loop vs Recursion
Automatic Form Resizing - Page 4
Automatic Form Resizing - Page 3
Automatic Form Resizing - Page 2
Automatic Form Resizing - Page 1
Why Rushmore?
Speed Test 10: Regex Or Not
Access/Windows/Office365 Version Check Add-In
Access/Office 365/Windows Version Check
Fixing the Navigation Bar Half Height problem
List Tables with Complex Fields
Speed Test 13: WHERE OR vs WHERE IN
Speed Test 12: Finding Unmatched Records
Unblock downloaded files by removing the MOTW
Using the new VBA Project Signing feature - Part 2
AEU10: Annotating Google Maps in Access
Annotate Google Maps in Access - Part 3
Annotate Google Maps in Access - Part 2
Annotate Google Maps in Access - Part 1
Epson announces end of laser printer production
Fix Google Maps in Access web browser control
Autofit or Zoom? Match Text to Form Control
Curriculum Enrichment Organiser
Message Box Constants & Values
The WizHook Object - Hidden & Undocumented
Align Text With Spacers
Access Keyboard Shortcuts
School Payments System
Exam Timer
Control the Application Interface
Attention Seeking Database
Access News & Events
Student ICT Database
SDA Link
The Power of Data
Hide Sensitive Data
CDO EMail Tester
View Access Help
AEU9: PowerApps for Access Developers
Happy Birthday. Access Is 30!
School Data Analyser
Access Add-Ins
Formatted Message Box
Complex Deep Hidden Attachment Mystery
Combo Box Auto Dropdown
Is Form Loaded?
Is Form Open as a Subform?
Access Error Codes
JET ShowPlan Manager Add-In
Available Connections Add-In
Greyed Out Controls : Disable or Lock?
Access Roadmap Update (Oct 2022)
Get Default Printer
AEU8: Cataloguing & searching emails
Is Location Trusted?
Update All Form & Report Fonts
Disable Design View In ACCDB Files
List All Installed Apps
Get Network Path
Change Resolution Using Code
Access News & Events
List Environ Variables
Check Internet Connection Using Code
JSON Analyse & Transform for Access
UK Postal Address Finder
Currency Exchange Rate Tracker
Add References using code
Compile Modules using code
Create ACCDB & ACCDE files using code
Introducing the NENAPUTS query
AEU7: Optimising Queries & the JET ShowPlan
Oops - how did that make an ACCDE file?
Why Can't I Create an ACCDE file?
Query Metadata Viewer
Hidden Message Challenge
AEU6: 32 to 64-bit Conversion (Peter Cole)
AEU5: Build Ribbon Interfaces in Code (Mike Wolfe)
AEU3: Classic vs Modern Charts (Crystal Long)
AEU1- Inaugural Meeting (Colin & Alessandro)
Access Europe User Group
Navigation Pane Helper Add-In
Navigation Pane Helper
How Access Stores Queries - Part 2
How Access Stores Queries - Part 1
Running Access on a Tablet PC
Limit the Number of Records
Using the Scroll Lock Key in Excel
Optimise Queries
ASCII Character Set
Control the Application Interface
Access Command Line Switches
Access Studio
Create Custom Splash Form
Standard Module Object Generation (SMOG)
Continuous subform scrollbar selection
Folder Image Viewer
Multivalued Fields...& why you shouldn't use them
Listbox Mouse Move Item Tooltips
Debunking Myths about the Autoexec Macro
Recover Deleted Database Objects
Access Issues Fixed
Changes to Access Roadmap
Drag & Drop Database Objects
Access Infographics
Install Windows 3.1 on an iPhone
Application Tips Example
A Better Date Picker
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Populate Junction Table
On/Off Toggle Slider Control
Fast File Copy using a Windows API
Encoded Map Path Co-ordinates
Missing Trigonometric Functions
Age Calculations
Use Column History in Memo Fields
Automatic Form Resizing
Set Character Limit In Long Text Fields
Installing Multiple Office Versions
Adding Security to Access Databases - Wish List
View Form Code
Get User Full Name
Speed Test 11: $ Or No $
Rich Text Editor
Edit Linked Excel Data in Access
Hide Access Splash Screen

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